Tuesday, December 16, 2014


© Sarah ESTEJE

On november 22d, I went to "les puces de l'illustration", an event at "La fonderie de l'image" in Bagnolet.It is one of those rare events not to be missed, where you meet and see many young and talented illustrators. Sarah ESTEJE caught my eye in particular. After majoring in photography at the school "les gobelins", she started drawing again with a ball point pen. Her work is so incredibly realistic that you could almost think her drawings are photographs. Two things struck me. First, how she packaged her postcards with but of course, a BIC ball point pen! The second, was she was so humble saying that when she was a student, she wasn't that good at drawing!!!! You've got to be kidding!!! Which pretty much goes to prove that you can learn if you put your mind to it, meaning if you put all your attention and efforts to learn!!!  


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