Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Boris Bally

© Boris Bally

What a witty trash transformer! Boris Bally is a metalsmith and sculptor who works in Providence, Rhode Island, designing pieces of furniture like this one, using roadsigns and other found materials. Which goes to prove that if you have talent, you can make just about anything with just about anything!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


© Skyrill

This alphabet by Skyrill is part of a complete set which was originally a type fluid experiment! Skyrill is the fusion of two brothers from the tiny kingdom of Bahrain, who share their love for software development, graphic design, photography and the arts. I really don't know what to add other than: "Wow!" how impressive!

Erin Jang

© Erin Jang

Erin Jang is a designer and illustrator originally from Seattle and now living in New York City. She has worked as a senior art director at Martha Stewart Living magazine. Please go see her work. It is so elegant, so well crafted; check out the short videos too. Notice the format of this one, simple but original, especially made for the iPad.Truly wonderful!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Mark MacKay

Check out these wonderful typography games by interaction designer Mark MacKay:
The first one is a kerning or letterspacing game, and the second a letter shaping game; both are great practice for all typography beginners.

Washington DC

© Nelly Charbonneaux

Washington DC is always a treat around the end of october. The huge trees turn to all shades of bright reds and yellows and more. I could spend hours admiring what I consider to be a real symphony of colors; and actually that's exactly what I did!