Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wayne Thiebaud

Sorry, no picture! I wanted to post the four cupcakes painted by Wayne Thiebaud, a key figure in Amercian contemporary art, known for his paintings primarily of food like cakes, pastry, ice cream cones (absolutely mouth watering!), land and cityscapes (simply exquisite!) and portraits. There is a very distinctive and personal touch to the way he paints and interprets his subjects, a beautiful sense of color. Art critics have often catalogued him somewhere between Pop Art and Morandi.Well, go see for youselves!
I tried to contact him for permission to use one or more of his visuals but my request was transfered to the ADAGP here in France, who agreed if I paid 7€ plus tax a month! This is the reason why I always ask beforehand, so as not to get into any copyright trouble!!! So my advice would be, always ask for written permission before posting anyone's work on a blog, and type "Wayne Thiebaud" on google image to see some of his work. There's plenty to see. Truly inspiring!

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