Friday, January 27, 2012

Strohl Thoughtful Craft

© Strohl Thoughtful Craft

"Thoughtful Craft: Charisma, charm, character - the traits that make someone, or something, unforgettable. We specialize in turning an intangible essence into a visible form."
This is how in just a few words, the Strohl design company based in San Francisco, introduces itself. If you go to the "offering" menu, you will find a little extra information concerning their clients' needs, their process and how they work differently. It's very concise and well worth reading as it explains so precisely the firm's design process and philosophy which pretty much boils down to "simplicity".
I also love the way they conclude by writing: "Loosen up! Sometimes the only way to break out of the expected rut is to venture into uncharted waters." Good and sound advice! Specialized in Corporate Identity and Packaging among other things, their work is truly remarkable.

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