Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Cat Scan

© Hanna and Michelle

Obviously taking photographs and scanning are two different things, although both are "simple" techniques that allow you to record things."Simple", did I say "Simple"? I wonder how simple it is to put a cat in or on a scanner and have it stay put? Jon Hanford began his "cat scan" project a year ago, october 2010 to be precise. The idea is that if you have a cat and want to scan it, you can submit it. Poor critters!!! For visual communicators, it might not seem obvious what these furry things are, but isn't it interesting to see these felines under a new and different, sometimes, distorted perspective? Michelle's cat on the right is entitled:"Nell in her paws-tucked-under-napping position" !!! How about that? I'll be doggone!

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